Aiman Mithani – The Emerging Pakistani Blogger

January 21, 2021

Aiman Mithani is a young emerging Talent of Pakistan . She is a super passionate blogger from Karachi on Instagram and has been handling an amazing blog page known as BLOGxIMA.

Aiman Mithani is currently a student and running blog page. Her blog page evolves the content about lifestyle, cooking, fashion, and thoughts/writes.

She showcase the latest Fashion & lifestyle trending, She is foodiee too and posts about food stuff and do gives her best and honest reviews. She loves cooking and she is a writer as well.

BLOGxIMA🌸 on Instagram

🧘‍♀️~Self Care
Support and appreciate ❤️
Official acc : @amy.__.xx
⚫️ dm for pr and collaboration

Moisturizing to seal up those open pores using this moisturizer from @nivea you can use whatever you like

Support and appreciate ❤️


3 step winter skin care routine (not a professional one but works best for everyone)

Steam to give that warmth back to the face. I am using this steamer from you can use hot water straight from the stove as well

Cleansing to clean those open pores as the steam opens up our closed pores. using my favourite cleanser from you can use whatever you like

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