Allah does not answer my prayers By Sumbul Saleem

April 3, 2021

By the time, I personally started believing whenever it comes to the inner peace nothing matters more than this. I sometimes, miss the old me but the matter of the fact is I started admiring the new version of me. I never played a victim in my life no matter what I went through and I NEVER WILL. One thing that helped me deal with everything is MY FAITH ON ALLAH. It never shakes, NOT AT ALL, not for a single moment. It’s not like I always have the circumstances turned into my favor. Nope, that’s not the case every time.

There were few desires that I really wished to fulfill but it did not happen the way I wanted to. There were few of them for which I did every possible thing to make them work for me. But it never happened the way I desired. To be very honest, I cried to the core of my heart but I never let those situations break me, because this is not why Allah sent me in this world.

Let me give you a tip: During my MBA, I had a course personal development, where my teacher used to give example of Karbala and Hazrat Imam Hussain that how much pain he has to endure at that time. Obviously, we can’t even imagine it. But the thing I observed and learned from that “the unshakable trust of IMAM HUSSAIN on ALLAH.”

Now look around your life, what we usually do when we don’t get our wishes to be fulfilled?

We started questioning “why our prayers are not being answered?” Just look at the question and ask yourself, how easy it is for us to raise this question in our mind. But as a MUSLIM don’t we know, that ALLAH IS ALL- HEARING, ALLAH IS NEARER TO OUR JUGULAR VEIN? Then why on earth, we let this negative thought come into our mind?

Unfortunately, we have involved in worldly matters so much that we only ask ALLAH from the temporary things and people and we literally bitterly cries when we don’t get such things and due to despair we start asking such silly questions to ALLAH and if not to ALLAH then to ourselves. What do you think you are doing by saying all this? Now, coming back to the scenario of Karbala. Are you close to Allah as much as Hazrat Imam (A.S) was? No not at all, you can never be. Look at the situation he had to deal in his life. Believe me, the only thing that helped Hazrat Imam Hussain to deal with that situation was his unbreakable trust on Allah. Always remember, the real sense of asking something in pray is “to ask and leave it on Allah,”

Now Allah will decide what is better for you as HE is ALL-KNOWING. LET ALLAH DECIDE. Have TRUST ON HIM. I am so sorry to say, if you ask a BURNING COAL from ALLAH HE WILL NEVER GIVE YOU, NEVER EVER.

To all those who want to get their prayers answered, please ask him to grant you only which is favorable to you, not that which you like. Because HE KNOWS BETTER, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW. Trust HIM, Believe HIM, Have patience. Indeed Allah is with the patients.

Written By : Sumbul Saleem

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This is Sumbul Saleem. An individual who is Karachi based and has done MBA in Marketing from Iqra University. I’m a Marketer by profession. I possess an ambivert personality and always try to give words to my thoughts. Whenever I see people who are stressed or depressed I always feel empathy for them. I strongly believe that words have an aura.  If we use them wisely it can help people to grow.  That’s the point where I thought of giving my blog a shot “.  “Digital Diary by Sumbul” My blog is all about motivation, inspiration and connection to Allah. I also take one on one motivational sessions from a number of people who seek advice to boost their positivity.  I try to help numerous people who are on the verge of seeking a pinch of positivity to move their life forward by utilizing the immense positivity that is gifted to me by Allah.  

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