Ashare Pakistan

April 8, 2021
Ashare Pakistan

Ashare Pakistan – A student led Organization with an aim of educating Pakistan about the importance of sign language.

In a country like Pakistan where sign language should be given immense importance, with approximately 10 million hearing impaired citizens, it is not given importance at all.

Considering this Ashare Pakistan works with an aim to educate Pakistan about the importance of sign language. 


Understand – Pakistan has over 10 million hearing impaired citizens however, only a small percent of the population is fluent in PSL (Pakistani Sign Language). PSL is the only way for these unfortunate people to easily communicate with others. 


Learn – It is important that we help make the lives of these individuals easier by learning sign language. Start by learning the alphabet! It will take you no more than 10 minutes


Awareness – As someone proficient in PSL, you will develop a strong appreciation for deaf culture, and you can promote understanding and acceptance of the language among others.

Emerging Pakistani Talent

The Founders: Khadija Wattoo and Inaya Shafi

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