Ayesha Rasheed – The Emerging Vocalist

April 4, 2021
Ayesha Rasheed

Ayesha Rasheed is a young emerging Talent of Pakistan. She is a multitalented girl who is super passionate about singing. She is a Vocalist who has been trending and praised on social media due to her amazing and melodious voice on multi social media platforms.

She is a blogger and Doctor of pharmacy to be. She was Serena sarangi season 4 winner👑🥇. Do Subscribe her YouTube channel and follow on Instagram and praise her amazing voice.

Ayesha Rasheed on Instagram

Serena sarangi season 4 winner👑🥇
Doctor of pharmacy
Tiktok id:ayesharasheed1020
Twitter:Ayesha Rasheed
YouTube:Ayesha Rasheed

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