Be Wuqqat Wujood

November 5, 2020

Maham Shaykh the emerging writer of Pakistan.

بے وقعت وجود

تیرےُوجود کی کیا وقعت اے اِبنَ آدم
وہ جو تیرےسب سے عزیز تھے
وہ “ہیں” سے “تھے” ہو گئے
اور تو کچھ نہ کر سکا

Tere wujood ki kya wuqqat Ai Ibn-e-Adam?
Woh jo tujhay sab se azeez they,
Woh “hain” se “they” ho gaye
Aur tu kuch na ker saka.

Oh Son of Adam,
what is the worth of your being?
Those who were your dearest
became “were” from “are”
and you could do nothing.

Written by : Maham Shaykh

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