Dr.Wasif William – The Emerging Pakistani

December 1, 2020

Dr.Wasif William is a young emerging Talent of Pakistan. Wasif is a doctor by Profession, a passionate costume designer with his well known achievements and won many awards for Pakistan and a singer as well.

About Dr.Wasif William

Hi, My name is Dr.Wasif William and I’m from Lahore. Professionally I’m a Doctor and a costume designer by passion. I started Costume designing/Cosplaying back in 2013 and has been hooked ever since. I’m a self-taught artist.

My interest in cosplaying sparked at a young age and was a huge fa if iron man and batman attended my first Cosplaying event back in 2013, where i cosplyed as Iron man with my suit made up of cardboard.

Up till now i have done characters from a variety of different genres .but I’m recognized around the country for my ironman suit. I have made uncountable number of costumes for myself and for my clients across the Globe. I have even worked with some big companies such as Emporium mall, Digital realm, Yoyo land. etc.

I started as a cosplayer ,crafting things for myself, but then i realized there is a huge lack of availabilities for the general public in Pakistan to buy costumes and props . People had to order from china and other countries at high costs. This brought me the idea of starting a Cosplay store that can deliver high quality stuff to the people right here in Pakistan at affordable costs. By the grace of GOD and the support of my family and the whole cosplaying community in Pakistan, my store (Wasif’s Cosplay Studio) is now the biggest Online Cosplay store in Pakistan, not only shipping costumes across Pakistan but also in countries like USA, UK, Germany and UAE.


1.      1st Place Comic Con Fast University, Lahore 2016
2.      1st Place Comic Con Pk foundation 2016
3.      1st place at Lahore Carnival, Qaddafi Stadium 2017
4.      2nd Place at Esports Pakistan 2018
5.      2nd Place at Comic Con Lahore 2018
6.      2nd Place at Comic Con Lahore 2019
7.      Special Guest at Icon Comic Convention, Islamabad 2019
8.      Cosplay Judge at WES Comic Co ,FCCU, Lahore 2019
9.      1st Place at AirNexus’20 by Air University, Islamabad 2020

I would like to give you a short description about cosplaying especially for those who do not know much about it. Cosplay is a combination of two words “Cosplay and Play”. Cosplaying a type of art form in which the person dresses up like his/her favourite character and represent it .

Cosplaying is not just wearing costumes but in fact it means to totally absorb that character and its characteristics. One of the best thing about cosplaying is that it provides a feeling of confidence to those who are introvert and a bit shy. Cosplaying also creates an opportunity for the cosplayers to interact with people from other cultures  regardless of ethnic, or race discrimination.

My purpose of creating Wasif’s Cosplay Studio was to promote cosplaying in Pakistan. By the Grace of GOD , the cosplaying community is getting stronger day by day in Pakistan and a huge number of students and professionals are joining or groups.

Dr. Wasif for Collabs

Artist | Singer | Musician | Doctor | Physiotherapist | Cosplayer | Costume designer | Philanthropist | Business man | Best cosplay award winner.

If you like my stuff, do share it out. If you are interested for a costume/prop commission, then you can surely contact me on my face book page. Also I’m open for any form of collaboration, just drop me a message on my social media pages or email me at Wasiffateh@outlook.com so we can discuss. Thank you

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