Dua Siddiqui – Meet the Youngest Writer & Poet of Pakistan.

December 17, 2020

Dua Siddiqui is a young emerging Talent of Pakistan. She is a super passionate Poet and a Young writer. She is a Pakistan’s youngest poet and author. Her 2 Books has already been published and are available on Amazon Store.

About Dua Siddiqui

I am a student of grade 9 and a student of computer sciences. I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a student of class 9. I have been a sensitive person since my childhood, so Somehow I discovered poetry to escape from the judgmental society. I am writing from 2018 when I was 12 year old. I have published my book this year on 13 march 2020. And the link of my book is here:

Here are my interviews that happene on different tv channels:

Here are her Books – Available on Amazon

And my second book is “Moon flower”

But you can order both by messaging me. (Moonflower is out of stock)

My debut book:

This book represents the thoughts of a teenage who is in search of an escape from society. this book is personally related to the author “Dua Siddiqui”. It has a affection that will make you fly behind it. The simplicity and deepness in the poetry will make you fall for it and you’d want to read it again and again. This book is highly recommended for young adults cause it is written by a girl who understands every person. hold this book, feel the warmth and the love she wanted to develop in the society.

My second book:

Here I present to you my second poetry book “Moonflower”, available on both Amazon and Walmart.
The book is written with pure affection and love, I penned the common thoughts of a teenager. Pure words are written with an open mind and a pen in hand.
The book has poetry written on different topics that are related to reality. Fiction is something that isn’t that important to discuss in today’s time. Problems like social anxiety, depression, and stress can come as high obstacles in her life.
The book has consisted of 72 pages and the cover is slightly similar to the cover of my debut book making it a part two of my previous book.
“Moonflower” is a beautiful flower and I love the flower. So I guess, it was a good option to chose the name, The book consists of proses, poetry, and one-liners and also includes a short story.
I welcome you all to grab a copy today and give me a review to support me. Thank you so much, everyone. I am making it available for Pakistani readers till December.

Here’s a little concept behind my book 1:

The concept behind my book “I had a dream”. I had been asked in so many interviews that what was the message behind the title. We all dream, some are brave enough to accomplish and some are scared even to try. I imagined a girl in my mind, the girl who was bound by the cultural boundaries. Where she lived, it was believed that girls are not born to have dreams, they said her duty is to first take care of her home, become source of happiness for her father, then her brother, then her husband and lastly her son. She is bound to be happy among them only. As they say, that girls are not meant to achieve something and the only goal they have to achieve in their life is to become a good daughter, sister, wife and mother. I believe that all of this is true, but don’t you think that girls need to take a step further. It doesn’t matter whatever the field they have to go in, or the goal they have to achieve. If the desire is according to the boundaries given for women in Islam, they she can and she have right to speak and right to stand and say,
“I dream, I believe and I’ll achieve”
So take a step further girls, be focused on your goals. Show the world that girls can be strong and they can make their father, brother, husband and son proud of them.
“Dream, believe and achieve”

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