Faith, Feminism and Women in Pakistan

April 10, 2021

So I have been requested by a very dear friend of mine to write my thoughts on men…..I really don’t blame people for perceiving my perception wrong about men…. I admire their presence. I think men are the caretakers, the bread earners, the security guard, the grace of family, the backbone……

I believe women should be one step behind men and there should be no shame in that. I believe men are the guardian of a family as well as society. I believe every women should seek advise from his experiences, his actions, his life….. I kid you not, strongest of the strongest women need Gigantic figure to follow through, that is how women’s soil is made out of…

However, I believe, men should be responsible for the privileges that they are bestowed with….Point me wrong, but I believe women are suppose to follow men. Women loves to consider their Father/Husband, center of the world. But what if the world is toxic, abusive, heinous, character less, egoistic, self centered, selfish ??? 🙂 A lot of people bash brave feminine energies, just because they stood up for themselves.

Ever tried to understand how a woman feel when she get rejected, molested, abused, criticized, back lashed, degraded?????I know a lot many of you would title me as “Feminist”. If that so, I am a proud one!!!! If speaking for the given rights that a women is blessed with, is a crime, I am a criminal.You know what, a lot of you complain, that women disrespect us.

Have you ever tried to understand what does she feel when you disrespect her indoor or outdoor? The answer is a straight NO! A lot of my male friend gets confused when their mother chide or shout for no reason. Rationale is simple, they have been tolerating something that they are not responsible for. You know what, this is the issue with men of all societies.

You and me are all facing it as a victim or assailant. I tell you a secret, women are made to take care of the house, chores, respect, loyalty and most importantly family. She only wants safety of her dignity, respect, belongings and personality. She will fulfill all the responsibilities that one can ask for not matter she gets disrespected or molested. But when you give her utmost respect, praise, recognition for the things she do out of love…….. She will glow. She will feel accepted.

When your toxicity ends, she also stop blaming you and herself. She will find strength and trust in you…. One things this generation is lacking…..One more thing I’d like to address to men and women both, stop teasing and taunting each other’s gender. Try to respect each other as the way one is. Adjust with each other’s opinions, feelings, illness, religion, beliefs and actions. This is by what I mean RESPECT !

Written By : Shajeeha NaQvi

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