GFG Foundation

November 26, 2020

GFG Foundation is an emerging Foundation lead by 3 super passionate Emerging People of Pakistan. Foundations aim for

Give for good foundation

Follow us to help feed and provide basic necessities to impoverished people of Pakistan, for any donations please DM us and change their lives!

My name is Ayla Khan, I am currently an A2 student at cedar college and I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I am one of the founders of an NGO, the Give for Good Foundation and we strive towards improving the lives of impoverished people in Pakistan by providing them with basic necessities and fulfilling their needs. We are working very hard as we believe that it is our duty to be the voices of those who can’t speak up for themselves. 

If you’re interested in helping us, we need donations, all proceedings will go to this school of special needs, Dar Ul Khushnud. Reach out and we will give you details of the bank account or which house you can drop it off at, we can even pick the cash up. They lack resources and they need funds immediately. Any and every amount you give will help!!

Donate Winter Clothes

GFG Foundation Intro

Food drive project

Do follow them in their noble cause and help Pakistani People. – -We DekhoPakistan will be supporting them in their every step that serves Humanity.

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