Haseeb Zaidi – An Emerging Mimicry Artist & Fashion Influencer

April 5, 2021

Haseeb Zaidi is a young Emerging Talent of Pakistan. Haseeb Zaidi is a super passionate An Emerging Mimicry Artist & Fashion Influencer who has been showcasing her artistry skills on multi social media platforms.

Haseeb Zaidi is from Lahore and he is just 24 years young and has been showcasing his talent with many TikTokers and also loves to showcase his Amazing Fashion & Lifestyle stuff. His Mimicry art is worth hearing and watching and he must have to be appreciated, He also have an art to sound like animals and vehicles .

Lets have a Look at some of his content from his Instagram page.

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  • likee id: haseeb zaidi (crazy star)
  • Instagram : Haseebzaidi

We DekhoPakistan wishes him more and more success.

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