How TikTok is Affecting Youth: Positive and Negative Effects

April 4, 2021

Hey Guys! So today I want to discuss about tiktok. So there are different perspective related to tiktok, some people support it and some don’t. Ok so firstly we talk about why people don’t support it because they think it is afflicting the youth and kids as they are getting much indulged in it and so on but wait on the other hand it is promoting our talent hidden in Pakistanis.

Our dancers don’t get promotion because we don’t support it but tiktok is giving them a platform to showcase their talent to the world. There are so many people who has melodious voices but as don’t have par hi so they don’t get right platform for their talent but tiktok is providing them that platform where they show there talent to the world.

We have amazing actors who show natural and amazing content with expressive emotions but they don’t have par hi so they don’t join big platform so tiktok help them to show their talent. Actually the main reason is it depends on the person how they get benefit or misuse a technology.

I won’t say that it is right but I even won’t say that it is wrong. It actually depends on you how you use it. So think that which path you have to choose while using it. There are so many people who are earning money through this even if they don’t want to do it it’s their need because they don’t get job. Don’t just consider the negatives aspect, sometimes try to think even about the positive aspect.

Don’t just criticize every person! Try to think why they are doing this.

Written By : Syeda Minhal Arshad

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