Importance of Reading By Shajeeha NaQvi

February 5, 2021

Importance of Reading

After Seeing my stories about books and other stuff lately, a lot of people have been asking me about my linguistic skills. Which according to my opinion, still needs improvement.

A lot of questions pop up at my gram like, “how do I speak English with fluency?”, “from where did I learn English?” and most importantly “from where can we learn English?” etcetera…
As far as I am concerned, there are 4 things that are immensely important to get yourself proficient in any language;

° Good Schooling ° Movies and Seasons ° News Paper/Magazines ° Books

Except, movies and seasons, other things sounds boring, nahi?! 

 But my dear friend, abovementioned exercises are for your own good. Sadly, poverty and sparse reach to good schools is difficult in developing countries like Pakistan. However, last 3 means of learning are available at every noticeable place.

Leave the movies and seasons, (which according to some is spreading disgrace) . You can pick a good book. The major cause of non development in our country is that we have abandoned reading. Mark my words, books and news paper/magazines reading not only enhances sentences, but increases the amount of vocabulary in your brain. However, these two are the hub of knowledge as well.

Just imagine, you’re learning one thing and getting many other things for free!!! Sounds interesting… Nahi??!! Practice aforesaid crux from today on for one month and notice the valuable difference for better results.

Written By : Shajeeha NaQvi 

She is from Karachi. She is a marketer and a writer. She adapt at directing people towards positivity so as her blog. She believe in empathy and she make people learn to understand human nature and act accordingly. 

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