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February 9, 2020

Lahori Dinner, LahoriBreakfast, LahoriLassi and what not! The dream city of Lahore is known for its enticing food and if the food is served under the shadows of historic grandeur the taste is multiplied with the add-ons of the momentous ambiance and serenity. 

Pakistanis are so fond of food that we decided to have entire streets dedicated to this local favorite. Also known as ‘food streets’, these areas are completely dedicated to the art of eating out. From toddlers to teenagers, food streets attract all sorts of customers who come to partake of the delicious foods being sold there.

Lined with food stalls and restaurants, eating at a food street on a somewhat regular basis has become a bit of a custom in Pakistan. Food streets in Lahore include Anarkali Food Street, Gawalmandi Food Street, and Lahore Fort Food Street.

So what is the history behind this iconic location?

After attaining independence, Gawalamandi was the sole developed area outside the walled city of Lahore at the time. After 1911, it was a residential community and was regarded as the ‘Gulberg’ of its time. Craftsmen and businessmen migrated from Amritsar and neighboring cities to Lahore. They ended up settling in Gawalmandi. Due to a surplus of labor, these new settlers chose to open small shops to make a living. The craftsmen opted to sell their skills whilst others put up food stalls to cater to hungry customers.

Set inside the famous “Taxali Gate” Walled City of Lahore — near the historic ensemble of Badshahi Mosque, Hazuri Bagh and Lahore Fort — is the mystifying Fort Road Food Street for people looking for something different. In short, a hub of true Lahori food in a surreal setting.

Fort food street of traditional Lahore is the first street in Lahore. It is situated near the Lahore fort and it is relatively a newly inaugurated food street. It is famous for its local food. You can enjoy special karahi, BBQ, Naan channy, pori halwa, Haleem and so much other desi food .

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