Laraib Awan – The Emerging Blogger of Pakistan

September 3, 2020

Laraib Awan is a young emerging talent of Pakistan . she is a super passionate Blogger with some of the best knowledge and skills to showcase the product branding and promotions as well. She has some amazing artistry skills to create digital content and motivational videos .

About Laraib Awan

I’m a new blogger who shares makeup product details, aware people to newly launched products and makeup product reviews. Recently I started MENTAL HEALTH SERIES on my blog .I’m Bachelors in business administration and a entrepreneur of my skin care.

Laraib Awan

Email for collab :laraibawan47@gmail.
Message for orders 03322489214.

Do Follow her amazing blog page on Instagram – – We DekhoPakistan wishes you more and more success.

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