Learn, Unlearn and then Relearn

April 23, 2021

The most awful part about life is “Learn, Unlearn and then Relearn….”

In whole life, one needs to be vigilant to accept change frequently. If one is vigorous, He/She have to do it anyway. That is exactly how life takes you along …… 

The other day, I was having a discussion on politics with a group of friends. Nobody wanted to make space for other’s opinion. On the other hand they were burdening us to follow their path according to their findings. Which is totally IRRATIONAL.

Discussion is healthy one should do it anyway, if required. However, convincing the other person to follow your own perceptions, ISN’T HEALTHY AT ALL P E R I O D ! ! ! 

Giving the other person space for their opinion doesn’t burn your ego, but it is a gesture of respect. It’s show flexibility to be in the relationship. There is no subsequent way one pay respect to someone but by giving value to the person one is attentive with. We all have to be empathic enough to understand every human is individual.

One have their own ways of living, own ways of understanding life, politics, religion etcetera. These things are absolutely personal. Every one of us belongs to different backgrounds. We have different school of thoughts. We have different trainings to see life. We all just not need to renounce people’s beliefs every time. We just need to Respect their outlook. Its pretty simple. SHOW RESPECT TO GET RESPECT !

Written By : Shajeeha NaQvi

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Hello, this is Shajeeha NaQviakhrottt on Instagram. I am a marketer and a writer. I am adapt at directing people towards empathy and positivity. I love making people laugh. Moreover, I solemnly support small businesses. My articles have been published in @dekhopakistanpk as well.

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