May 10, 2021

Political and religious views are immensely personal of someone. When we LIKE or LOVE someone, we accept them completely. NO IFS AND NO BUTS. But when we argue with other on the basis of something, clearly shows we don’t like them as the way they are. We are rejecting their whole personality. Now why I said personality, because beauty is not the only thing that make someone wanted but their mindset.

Why do we want someone to behave the way we do, when at first place, we aren’t ready to transform our self according to else’s opinions too ????!!! Do I make sense? For your disappointment, Yes, I do….!!!

Respect others’ beliefs the way you want to be respected!!! It is not parallel but reciprocal. There is a quote that says, “if you are not eating the loin, why do you expect he won’t eat you back??”

My dear, we are human. We scratch, we eat, we blow from the inside…. Keep that in mind next time you fight with someone on the basis of their likes and dislikes. Collateral damages cannot be healed. It leaves dents on the heart of attacker not the victim unfortunately. Life is all about receiving what one gave to others at their superior position. 

Also, There are people who avoid fighting just because they do not want to harm anyone and most importantly, themselves. Respect their tolerance towards your gratuitously irrational behavior. Especially, I don’t get social media worries who keep pasting arguments from websites. Prolong heedless quarrel just to satisfy their egos. Uninvited confronts causes collateral damages. Eschew doesn’t make anyone coward….

Do you know if one is keeping his/her mouth shut, one is possessing class, creed color, reputable family, generosity, training, nature, respectful attitude, THE SAME WAY YOU DO….. !!!! 🙂

Written By : Shajeeha NaQvi 

This is Shajeeha NaQvi Known as akhrottt on Instagram. I am a marketer and a writer. I am adapt at directing people towards empathy and positivity. I love making people laugh. Moreover, I solemnly support small businesses. My articles have been published in @dekhopakistanpk as well.

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