Mahin Ali – The Emerging Filmmaker & Photographer

October 16, 2020

Mahin Ali is a young emerging Talent of Pakistan . He is super passionate Photographer and a Filmmaker as well.

About Mahin Ali

Hi, my name is Mahin Ali and I am an emerging self -taught photographer based in Islamabad. I started photography almost a year ago. I basically started as a nature photographer after which i went on to learn and practice other types of photography.

For me photography is all about story, the story that the photographs speak out loud without even saying a word. Over the past few months i have met so many amazing photographers/content creators online, not just from Pakistan but from foreign countries like Serbia, UK, USA, Mexico, Germany, France, India etc. And have shared my experiences with them and have created a bond with them that enlightens the positive image of Pakistan to the world. 

Lets checkout some of his amazing work.

Kartainhainkuch – YouTube Channel

Do Follow him on Social Media – – We DekhoPakistan wishes you more and more success.

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