Manzil Parwaaz

February 23, 2021

Manzil Parwaaz is a Non-Governmental Organization based in Lahore, Pakistan, with aims of curbing the existing paradigms of third-world countries. Over the course of the past year, the Organization has quickly risen from a 5-member-team to now having over 70 actively participating volunteers. 

Through the efforts made by Team Parwaaz, the NGO has been able to make strides in social welfare schemes across a broad spectrum of subject:


  • Held informative sessions in collaboration with underprivileged schools in the country
  • Raised awareness about the need for acquiring knowledge during an ever-evolving time.  
  • Conducted informative sessions to raise awareness about hygiene and sanitation especially in polluted areas 

Environment Sustainability 

  • Carried-out multiple plantations in collaboration with leading governmental departments of Pakistan including the Punjab Archeology Society and the Lahore Conservation 
  • Society aiding to the environment protection of the affected areas.
  • Collaborated with local NGOs to raise awareness about afforestation projects within the country.

In hopes to continue on with our effort of creating aiding to the effort of solving problems that have affected residents of third-world countries the most, we now plan to work on developing affordable technologies for water purification in the coming months as well. 

Though the many endeavors carried out over the past year, the NGO has been able to prove itself as one of the most active organizations across the Lahore district. Therefore to further enhance the reach of the organization and to aide Manzil Parwaaz in carrying out welfare projects for those worst affected by these trying times, it is highly anticipated the Organization will be given a shout out  via your page.

Muhammad Talha Ijaz – Founder – Manzil Parwaaz

Manzil Parwaaz – On Instagram

A Few Working for the Betterment of Millions!

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