Meet 11 Year Old HAMMAD SAFI the YOUNGEST Professor and MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER of Pakistan

October 9, 2020

HAMMAD SAFI is a young emerging Talent of Pakistan . He is a super passionate 11 years Young Professor and a Motivational Speaker as well.

Hammad Safi lectures students as he is passionate about it. He is the youngest Professor and he is doing amazingly well in providing lectures in different universities of Peshawar.

Safi speaks into his wireless microphone, his hand gestures practised and his confidence unwavering before the attention of his elders at the University of Spoken English (USECS) in Peshawar.

SAfi is also seen as presenting a positive image of Pakistan, one that resonates powerfully with his listeners. Discussing the distinguished poet Allama Iqbal, Safi says: “If he had not been there, I or anyone else would surely be cleaning the toilet in the house of an Englishman.”

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