Muslim world unites against France

November 10, 2020

Afissure between France and the Muslim nation is growing after the statement of French President Emmanuel Macron this month in which he stated that Islam was “In Crisis.” France is promoting Islamophobia and spreading hatred among all the nations and trying to create discrimination.

Furthermore, on Friday, a French teacher named Samuel Paty showed caricatures of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to his students. However, those caricatures were also published in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in September. Unfortunately, on October 16, Samuel Paty was killed near his school in the day time. Due to this incident, the French officials were acknowledged as relating the killing to Islam. 

Action Taken By Muslims Against Macron’s Statement

In view of, people burned pictures and effigy of Macron during a protest in Karachi. Around 40,000 people demonstrated in Dhaka, led by the country’s largest Islamist party. All the Muslim countries protest against France and are highly aggressive through this act.

However, the backlash has stoked historical and present-day grievances against France. After the actions taken by Muslim countries against this statement and actions, the French President try to defend the Publication under freedom of speech, after the killing of Samuel Paty. 

Macron Statement

Therefore, tensions were high since Macron announced a law against religious separatism in France.

He stated:

“ With this radical Islamism, a desire, openly stated, a methodical organization that aims to break the rules of the French republic and to create a parallel order. Separatist at first but with a final goal to take complete control.”

Boycott French Products

In contrast, Muslims all over the world called for a boycott of French products after President Macron vowed not to “give up cartoons” depicting includes many brands such as Renault, Loreal, Lu, and many more.

Although, Muslims unite not to buy French goods as long as freedom of speech by insulting our Prophet. Dozens of stores in Pakistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc announced the boycott.

According to a BBC report, the brand Lu registered under a French Trademark. They stopped the export and sealed the french products in their stores. However, Qatar University also joined the boycott campaign and postponed the French Cultural Week.

Condemnations From Officials

First, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan stated:

“Sadly, President Macron has chosen to deliberately provoke Muslims, incl his own citizens, through encouraging the display of blasphemous cartoons targeting Islam and our Prophet. By attacking Islam, clearly without having any understanding of it, President Macron has attacked and hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims in Europe and across the World. The last thing, the world wants or needs is further polarisation. Public statements based on ignorance will create more hate, Islamophobia, and space for extremists.”

Secondly, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated:

“Macron needs mental health treatment. What else do we say to a head of state who does not understand freedom of belief and who behaves in this way towards millions of people living in his country.”

Also, Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif tweeted:

“Muslims the primary victim of hatred- empowered by colonial regimes and exported by their own clients. Insulting 1.9 billion Muslims and their sanctities-for the abhorrent crimes of such extremists is an opportunistic abuse of freedom of speech. It only fuels extremism.”

Social Media Campaign To Boycott French Products

For this reason, activists also started campaigns on social media via hashtags as #boycottfrance #boycottfrenchproducts #weloveProphetMuhammad.

These hashtags became trending. A list of French products banned due to which France facing a huge abruption in the economy and now this issue created a mess for the President.


France has been creating massive Islamophobia and a misconception about Islam. Such sort of activities should be stopped and the hatred which the French President is highlighting should ban. Not every Muslim is extremist. Islam, the religion of peace and harmony gives them leverage to spend life according to the teaching of Islam and our Prophet. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the most humble person and always give teaching to spread peace and love.

Furthermore, Muslims can not tolerate a single word against religion and Prophet. French President should apologize for the act to all Muslim nations. Not only Muslims, but even Christian society also raised voice against hate speech.

In conclusion, Islamophobia is an aggressive act and this shows the hatred for Islam but many of the Muslim nations showed grieve for the killing of the French teacher. Promote love and unity for all nations so the world can become a better place to live and development will become easier for nations.

Written By : Syeda Minhal Arshad

Marketing person @technoambassador.official
Content writing intern at @gradientco_dot_net
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