Rabbia Nasir – The Emerging Pakistani girl

February 13, 2021

Rabbia Nasir is a young emerging Talent of Pakistan. She is a super passionate multi-Talented girl from Sargodha and has been showcasing her amazing work on her social media page known as Rabbia Nasir .

About Rabbia Nasir

Myself Rabbia Nasir Native of Sargodha, Doing FSC Pre-Eng part-1 I’m a Graphic designer, Writer, Young Social Activist, Social Media influencer and working as a volunteer in many Societies.

I’m also running a non profit organization as well. I’m CEO of ‘Pakistan & It’s History Reflection’ (a non-profit digital platform, aiming to represent the forgotten history of Islam & Pakistan). As a Pakistani, our first priority is to serve Pakistan volunteers and I’m doing my duty well and will continue to do so INN SHAA ALLAH My aim of life is to see my country & it’s natives growing and getting prosperous Every day. I’m giving my best and working hard to achieve my goals.

May ALLAH fulfil my desires. Ameen

Rabbia Nasir

🎂 15 July
Founder and President ‘Pakistan & Its History Reflection’ @pakhr_

Pakistan & History Reflection

An initiative to know about the history of Pakistan & Islam Explore hidden Talent of energetic souls ہم ہیں پاکستان ہم سے ہے پاکستان
پاکستان زندہ باد

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