Single doesn’t mean available by Shajeeha NaQvi

February 18, 2021

Relationship requires much efforts and immense dedication. Until and unless someone is not entirely prime to invest their time, efforts and money on it, stop bothering. Just in case, he/she says no, take on gracefully. Try somewhere else, who stand in need of it.

Dear relatives, restrict yourself from giving unasked advises. Beseeching unwedded to recite supplications or wear amulet so that they could get married according to your wish and will, is typically patriarchal. Understand, choice has zero concerns with feminism and chauvinism. If candidate needs time, give them time not pressure. Pressuring will cause disillusion. 

Do you understand how fragile this condition is??? Be empathetic to people around. Just because you think it’s perfect timings to settle down for them. Demanding virgins to battle against Allah’s tenacity will destroy their peace.

That’s kinda mind game. Each and every tiny particle has its timings to reflect. Nothing could go against nature. Nobody could get more than fate or timing.

Trust Allah and let people breath

Written By : Shajeeha NaQvi.

I am a marketer and a writer. I am adapt at directing people towards empathy. I want people to understand their worth so as my blog!  Do Follow her on Instagram :

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