Society : Shaping Institution of Marriage

October 6, 2020

Despite all your efforts, if you’re not happy by being with your partner you can’t make them happy either. Then it’s okie to split up, it’s fine to part your ways but it’s not acceptable to compromise.

Marriage is an institution where two people complete one another, firstly with respect, then love and care. Where you lack these prerequisites, there is no point of staying in that pact. Even our religious patterns also suggests, if you can’t make things work out, it’s better to leave them onto your Lord. As Almighty has made you a free soul, do not chain yourself in societal pressures as what people will think?.

People will think within their tiny set frames. Grab yourself out of misery. Making mistakes isn’t harmful as pursuing those mistakes is. If you took a wrong step, just take it back. There is a very thin fine line between sacrifice and compromise, you sacrifice something for somebody by your own choice that fills your heart with contentment and satisfaction. Contrarily, compromise is something you give up on the things that you own, unwillingly and that gives you mental agony.

Giving things time to get sort out is a good approach but in a limited bracket. When that limit reaches gather all your  essential, suspect from every angle, evaluate all aspects and make your decision. Though time doesn’t heal your wounds, it just softens the pain. And if you leave your wounds a little longer without medicating them, those would definitely leave the scars behind for the rest of your life.

The scars you can’t hide or get rid of. It’s like go with the flow, unknowing where the flow will take you to. Whether it will pour you into the rusty pond or into a vast lively river. While only dead fishes go with the flow so just fight back your circumstances at your weakest times and sustain your life.                            

Written By : Sahar Dar            

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