Teen Cooking Studio By 13 Years Young Laiba

October 8, 2020

Laiba Navaid is a young emerging Talent of Pakistan . She is a 13 years young super passionate for Cooking and has started her YouTube Cooking Channel for amazing dishes and recipes.

Laiba has started her Channel during her class 8 quarantine vacation. Her Channel is known as Teen Cooking Studio .

 I love FOOD! I love watching recipes, trying new recipes, and help my mother in the kitchen. Since we were missing going to restaurants during lockdown times, I casually started making some videos with the help of my mother. I thought that during quarantine I should share my skill with others and this way it’ll also give me a chance to sharpen up this skill. My mum gave me an idea to make a YouTube channel, where I can post a variety of recipes, and with the support of my mother, father, and brother I successfully posted my first video.

That is when our journey started. We posted our first video on the first of April 2020 and October first marks, six months of Teen Cooking Studio. The people who have been following me from day one of my journey know that when I originally started this channel it was not known as ‘Teen Cooking Studio’, it was initially called ‘Cooking with Laiba’. We then decided to change our name and make it something unique, because there were other channels on Youtube with similar names. We also wanted to spread the message to children all over the world to follow their passion.

I wanted to encourage children to do what they love during quarantine especially because there’s a lot of free time to spare. We have made over 200 videos, with recipes from China, Pakistan, France, Lebanon, Turkey, and so many more countries. Our dishes are not only savory but there are a lot of desserts as well that I have made. The channel has been widely appreciated, the subscription has crossed 1.3K members and it is growing fast. I want to thank everyone to support me and my passion, give me support, and encourage me to make new videos that I am sure everyone will love.

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13 & Passionate for cooking
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