The Prison Cell You Call a Heart

November 21, 2020

They say you posses a gaol
Turn me in if you really do
I, but, want no fellow inmates
Not new jailbirds
Tenderfoot I might be
Yet want no mercy
You sure have manacles
If not ornament bands
Tie me up, and chain me
Fasten my hands and restrain me
Inflict all the anguish and pain me
Put me on the rack and strain me
Rack my brain
And transmute me into an ogre
I ask for no acquittals but for once
Transient bail; just an unfastening
Only that I could If I may
Kill all aboriginals
And purge my domicile
When I’m all done
And my home is exorcised
Smack in my head and lash me
Flog me and brand me
You wear a sock, I see
Roll it up, ball it up
And shove in my mouth
To muffle my screams
Do any one thing
That pleases you
But if there’s anything
Like beyond eternity
I want to be incarcerated
For that long while
In the prison cell you call a heart

Written By : Muhammad Ehsan Ramzan

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