December 5, 2020

Neelam Lashari – The Founder & President & Mohsin Ali Chohan – The CEO are the young emerging People of Pakistan behind

THE WRITING CLUB PAKISTAN (Where Thoughts Meet the Ink) 


The Writing Club Pakistan is a project that will provide the people to express their feelings through ink without being judged. We will provide them an opportunity to learn all kinds of writings without any discrimination of Gender, Race, Cast, and Color. The Writing Club Project was established in March 2020 and it has years to come. This project aims to provide the common man an opportunity to learn the techniques and strategy of writing. We are looking forward to making people connected to learn and grow together. 

On the other hand, we are opening our doors to teach people about poetry that is the sole purpose to share the feelings in hidden words. It also helps people to express everything by choosing very few words. 

The short stories are the way to teach masses especially the children a lesson. Indeed, it’s an amazing way to express the experiences through the magnificent way that directly hits the hearts. It also helps to take people in a life of fiction and a world one dream of. The Writing Club Pakistan will not only help the masses to write short stories. But our experienced team will help them to explore the new opportunities that will take them to new heights. 

In this modern era, people are now trying to earn online through the home. One of the best and viral ways are through Content Writing & Blogs. Keeping it in the mind, the writing club Pakistan has stepped its feet in this work as well. We have a team of experts that will not only help the masses about the methods and techniques of content writing & Blogs. But our team will also provide them such opportunities that will open the new doors of success for them. 

It’s a common phenomenon that people are incomplete without being updated. People now always try to stay updated through the news. Keeping it in mind, the writing club Pakistan has started the plan to keep people well informed through the latest news and happenings. We assure the masses that we will not give the news through thrill, but through the professional manner. 

Most importantly, we will arrange the Open Mic (Live & Virtual) that will help talented people to meet each other and to share their thoughts without being judged. On the other hand, seminars, workshops, and conferences are also on the plan. It will help people to learn from experienced writers, poets, and bloggers. 

The thing that is written with the golden thread on our board is that we will provide people a spirit. A room of self-confidence, a chance to grow, a shot of talent, and an occasion to polish the skills. 

The Writing Club Pakistan is a platform for everyone. It’s for the people to fill with enthusiasm, passion, talent, skills, and for a common person. We will assure you to make you the person that has self-confidence and full skills. 

Join hands with us and let’s Grow Together!


The vision of The Writing Club Pakistan is to boost the writing capabilities of the masses of Pakistan. We aim to enhance writing skills and to provide people confidence for writing flawlessly. We are free of Gender, Color, Age, and Race discriminations. We aim to provide people such a platform that can help them to polish their expertise. 

The Writing Club Pakistan will help the masses to boost their interpersonal and speaking skills. Moreover, our platform will polish the self-confidence and self-growth of masses without any discrimination. The core value of our club includes respect, integrity, and excellence. 


The Mission of The Writing Club Pakistan is to provide such a platform to people that will help them to give Ink to their thoughts without being judged. We assure our clients and members to teach them with amazing and talented professionals and in the state-of-the-art environment. The Writing Club Pakistan will not only provide the members a national exposure, but we will assure you to provide them an International Exposure. It will help them a lot to meet people from across the borders to boost their knowledge and writing potential

Our Services

Article Writing:

Article writing is a masterpiece to provide all the researched-based information to the masses that not only grab their attention but to keep them updated as well.

Content Writing:

Content writing is fun of jotting down the product and companies’ knowledge in a thorough description that allures the folks to at least give that an eye.

Poetry Writing:

Poetry is not less than an art to express one’s feelings in a few words that leave people mesmerized.

Short Story Writing:

Short story writing is a fun way to enlighten wisdom among masses with the stories that will help them in some way in life.

Book Writing:

Book writing is old, but an amazing way to express the feelings through ink. It has various kinds that include Fiction, Non-Fiction, Entertaining, Suspense, thrill, and whatnot.

Creative Writing:

Creative Writing is a brilliant way to express one’s feelings through words. It gives a chance to enhance the writing capabilities through ink.

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