Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers Celebrities List 2021

March 5, 2021

DekhoPakistan brings you people to the most famous TIKTOK celebs of Pakistan. TikTok has been the most popular App in this years as well as 2021 brings more millions of Pakistanis are watching TikTok these days, at the same time we have seen a lot of people providing great entertainment and fun in Pakistan through TikTok.

These famous TikTokers are now Pakistan’s famous Celebs and has been showcasing their talent on bigger platform like songs, Drama’s , Advertisements and many commercials as well.

Here are the Top 10 TikToker of 2021. #dekhotausahi

1- Jannat Mirza

16Following 13.7MFollowers 371.9MLikes

Janat Mirza is one of Pakistan’s emerging talents and one of the most popular Pakistani tiktokers at the moment. She is only 22 years old and has gained a lot of fans at a very young age. Janat belongs to a Punjabi family from Faisalabad and has been a Fashion & art student. But recently she moved to Japan for higher education.

2- Kanwal Aftab

25Following 11.9M Followers 423.5MLikes

Sc: kanwal.155 Blessed ✨🧿🔒 Follow my Instagram 👇🏻

Kanwal Aftab is a Pakistani social media star , An achor and model as well. who gained popularity through Tik Tok app . She is from Lahore and only 22 years old. 

3- Zulqarnain Sikandar

37Following 11.5MFollowers605.6MLikes

Zulqarnain Sikandar with all of the other famous tiktokers of Pakistan is famous because of his unbeatable content. He is famous for making funny videos, mostly. 

4- Alishbah Anjum

28Following 11.4MFollowers 301.6MLikes

🌸Just an ordinary girl 🌸 Use #DuetWithAlishbah

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Alishbah Anjum is one of the most beautiful and talented tiktoker of Pakistan. She is known for her beautiful smile and beautiful looks. 

5- Malik Usman Asim


الحمد للہ میرا نیا کلام ریلیز ہو چکا ہے 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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Malik Usman made to the top 10 tiktokers of Pakistan due to his passion for creating unique and funny videos. He surely makes many people smile with his humorous videos. Moreover, almost every video gets viral on other social media platforms.

6-Ali Khan

4Following 10.2MFollowers 771MLikes

#Instagram⬆️ #Pakistani 🇵🇰 #Ali_Hyderabadi 🏠 #i Love#Tiktok❤ #Single Smile😁

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Ali Khan Hyderabadi is the most famous Pakistani TikTok star and actor famous for his Stylish Solomon walk with red glass. 23 years old ali khan was born and raised in Hyderabad Sindh, which has millions of fans. He is very talented, outstanding personality and an attractive look.

7- Dolly

15Following 8.7MFollowers 241.6MLikes

Dolly. 👸🏼

Public FigureManaged by @viral__tribe@bling.official and @dollyssignaturesalon. Dm for paid promotions. For business queries mail at

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Dolly is one the emerging Talented Pakistani super star. She has been famous by her famous shows and now a famous Tiktok start.  She has been running a marvel salon since the 10 years and with much more achievement in modelling and shows.

8-  Nadeem Mubarak

83Following 8.6M Followers 410.5MLikes

ArtistTikToker | YouTuber | Influencer | Creator | Artist

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Nadeem Mubarak is one of the famous face of Social media of Pakistan. Nadeem Mubarak 25 years old and from Lahore and known by his TikTok videos Nadeem Nani wala.

9- Areeka Haq

2Following 8.2MFollowers 238.5MLikes

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Areeqa Haq is a Pakistani social media star who became famous for her videos on Twitter. Only 19 years old Areeka is from Karachi, Pakistan. She is known for her cute smile and glamorous looks .She has done various videos on Tik Tok and has done a lot of promotion for brands. Areeka She has been more famous on TikTok due to her song Tum Tum with Asim Azhar.

10 – Phoollu (Toqeer Abbas)

Toqeer Abbas

ActorTikTok 🌟 Phoolllu
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66Following 8.3MFollowers 336.7MLikes

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We DekhoPakistan wishes you all more and more success.

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