Why Financial Independence is important for women ?

May 1, 2021
women rights

I always had this thing in my mind, that how important it is for women to get education and most importantly, be financially independent & before jumping into any more details, I would like to mention @drhinasikander in this post specifically, because her posts always revolves around empowering young women.

And recently she’s been raising her voice regarding how important it is for women to be financially independent. And personally I always had this thing in my mind and her posts on financial empowerment for women inspired me to shared my thoughts regarding this issue.

Alright so coming to the topic, why it is important for women to be financially independent? 🔸️Girls, in our society, grown up in a protective environment by their fathers, brothers and husbands by their side always are unaware about how the world works outside the 4 walls of their homes. And unaware of the fact that how people are not always going to treat you outside the house like imp men in your house do.

And is their any GUARANTEE or life insurance that these important men will stay by your side ALWAYS? What about those women, who’s important men in their lives suddenly passes away? How do they survive? Now put yourself in their shoes. How would you survive if something happens like this with you? 🔸️I’m talking about this because in my household, our family always have those realistic conversations about life. And my father, without putting the wall of gender discrimination between me and my brother, always sat is down and told us about the world and the experiences he had with the world. And how patents will not always be by your side so how would you deal with everything. And teach us both about everything from the minor household stuff to the biggest worldly experience. 

🔸️Teaching girls to make Gol Rotis will surely make them prepared for the survival in hunger. But teaching them the basics about capital world how & transactions work, the banking details, paying the bills, the basic rights that their constitution and religion has implemented on them. Because life is unpredictable, you never know what happens next. As Quaid said “Expect the best, prepare for the worst.” 🇵🇰

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