Words By Shazma – The Emerging Pakistani

September 29, 2020

Shazma Karam is a young emerging Talent of Pakistan. She is a super passionate and want to deliver positivity with her content that is put out there through Words By Shazma.  You can find this amazing page on Instagram wordsbyshazma.

What She says :

Most importantly, I want to talk about real issues and matters according to my perspective, Alhamdulillah the response has been so good lately and I’m glad to avail this opportunity as well to get featured on your page.

My voice has been unheard since years but now I don’t want to stop and keep going on with it. The world has more besides of what only people can see, it’s both interesting and fascinating be it if we talk about it positively or negatively, if we look closely, our world is a teacher since it was created – basically this is what I want to deliver out there. 

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